Wednesday, July 6

I had planned on walking home with my bag of CSA produce to start dinner when I remembered I did not have my keys. But I did have my bus pass, so I caught the bus north to daycare, where I would pick up M and meet R there (dinner ended up being out).

A female passenger and the male driver were talking about family — he told a story about his granddaughter; then it came up that the granddaughter’s dad had died when she was a baby in a car accident. Both the passenger and the driver said something about “You can’t question God.”

Then the woman brought up this shooting  (Police looking for killer that gunned down 3 people, fired over 60 rounds in the street). She knows the mother of one of the victims. Then she brought up this murder-suicide (Man killed mother and stepfather in St. Louis home before killing self, police say), when another woman said that involved someone at her job. I had already been dwelling on the shooting of Alton Sterling and really did not want to hear anything else about anyone else being shot and killed. Especially when stuck on a bus. Is there a protocol for asking for a new topic of conversation?


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