# 16 Southbound

This was about two weeks ago and was what prompted me to dust off the blog. It was a Wednesday morning, pouring rain, and I was taking the bus to get blood work done before heading into work. I caught the #16 southbound. Two women were sitting behind me on either side of the aisle, one of them doing most of the talking while the other responded. Don_Murray_and_Marilyn_Monroe_in_Bus_Stop_trailer_crop

As I listened to her, I thought, “Someone should write a play that takes place on a bus.” And, no, not Bus Stop (the play, movie, or apparent tv show). I can’t immediately think of what the driving conflict could be, but indexa bus seems like the ideal set. A diverse group of people in a small space. A ton of possible stories. Hey, it worked for Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.

These two women would be in a much different story than Speed. This is a lesson to write it all down sooner, as now I can’t remember many of the details. One highlight: The first woman has been “dating” a bus driver, but she doesn’t 9780399257742_custom-3b33ff288b57c2455cbfda64d074e73507324032-s300-c85want to get close to him because she doesn’t trust bus drivers. She has relatives who work as drivers, and it seems they have a different woman on every route.

Woman: It’s been three weeks, and he ain’t touched me yet. I’m waiting for you, he saysHe’s gonna keep waiting. He ain’t touched me. He don’t know if I’m a man or a woman.




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