Baby smart phones

R had to work in the office for 3 straight weeks from 8-4:30, Monday-Friday. I know lots of people do this, but we are very used to 3-day telecommute / 2-day office schedule.

M and I took the bus to daycare for at least 3 of those days each week. I would then either catch the return bus to work or walk the rest of the way if the weather was good (and once when it was raining but I had missed the bus).

One day, while rushing out the door:

Me: We need to leave to catch the bus now or we’ll be late.
M: I need to check bus on my phone. (Pulls out dead flip phone from her coat pocket, opens it, and looks at screen). The bus come at 8 o’clock.

The bus actually comes at 7:50, so good thing I have the schedule on my phone, too!


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