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# 2 Northbound (to Rock Road Station)

M and I caught the 7:50 bus again. It was running a little late because of detours.

She toddler-danced to the bus door, and our usual driver smiled and said hello. The other passengers were the teenage boy who sits near the back and is usually sleeping and an older woman near the front. M picked a seat near the sleeping guy (again). The driver and the woman were talking about his upcoming vacation and then all the apartment renovations taking place on the route (Eastgate – Enright – Westgate – Vernon).

She said, “I remember when you [edit: is this where I state in case you’re not sure that the driver and the woman are both African American] couldn’t be in this neighborhood unless you had a note saying you worked here.”

Him: “What?! I’ve never heard that before. When was that?”

Her: “In the ’50s…”

Him: “I know about sunset laws…”

And then it was our stop and we got off the bus and said “Thank you” and “Goodbye.” It was incredible and dumbfounding and sobering to hear.



Baby smart phones

R had to work in the office for 3 straight weeks from 8-4:30, Monday-Friday. I know lots of people do this, but we are very used to 3-day telecommute / 2-day office schedule.

M and I took the bus to daycare for at least 3 of those days each week. I would then either catch the return bus to work or walk the rest of the way if the weather was good (and once when it was raining but I had missed the bus).

One day, while rushing out the door:

Me: We need to leave to catch the bus now or we’ll be late.
M: I need to check bus on my phone. (Pulls out dead flip phone from her coat pocket, opens it, and looks at screen). The bus come at 8 o’clock.

The bus actually comes at 7:50, so good thing I have the schedule on my phone, too!