Wee-hoo hoo

A couple months ago, I saw someone riding a bike pulling a child in a trailer I hadn’t seen before. Some Googling helped me determine it was probably the Weehoo (or something similar, but this appears to be the more common one). Awesome. I described it to my husband and we decided it was the kind of thing we wanted instead of the traditional trailer for a number of reasons (which I can outline if anyone actually cares). One reason is we like that it’s narrow. The problem is it costs between $400-$500. I checked Craigslist and there was nothing in the area. I set up a CL alert, one of the first I had ever done. This was in June or so.

Sunday morning (August 23), I checked my email when I woke up and I had a craigslist alert for a Weehoo for sale for $200 in the area (specifically, about 35-40 miles away). Score! I emailed back immediately and didn’t even try to negotiate. It’s a couple years old, in good shape, and was only missing the orange flag–we got a replacement flag at the bike shop later. That afternoon we drove out, talked to the family, exchanged money for Weehoo, and drove home. M. got to sit in it on their driveway and was so in love that she cried when I took her out of it so we could put it in the car.

Setting up the first ride on the Weehoo

Setting up the first ride on the Weehoo

R. fixed up our bikes to make 2 of them rideable, and set the weehoo up on his bike. He has taken her to and from daycare in it at least 3 times since then. On two of the pick-ups, I’ve ridden my bike with him and we ride back together. It’s about 5 miles round trip and mostly quiet residential roads or a bike path. Last night we had time after dinner to go out for about a 4 mile ride on it. M is very quiet on it — which means she likes it. She holds the bars and has her feet on the pedals but doesn’t try to pedal. When we picked her up the other day and I said we were going home on the Weehoo, she said “Whee!” The teacher said she saw us ride in on our bikes and was excited.

I’m a less confident and less experienced cyclist than R (he raced in school, worked in a bike shop, and did bike polo for awhile), so I’m working my way up to wee-hoo pulling. I signed up for a Cycling Savvy course, especially since I’m riding to work more often now, too. We’re also going to look for an extra hitch so we can switch it back and forth more easily.

Between that and her balance bike (which is not for commuting yet), she’s practically living in her bike helmet. She knows to get the helmet right away and is so safety conscious that she keeps it on even if she’s not on a bike. That’s my girl. Note: it might be less safety and more style or obsession.

Current benefits of cycling to work for me: it’s faster, it’s easier for me to meet my daily fitness goal (because it’s faster so I have more time to add in extra activity / not because it’s shorter than walking), there’s some coasting involved, and I can tell I’m getting stronger — the Hilltop hill is already getting easier. Plus, I like M. seeing me on the bike. The first time I took her out on her balance bike, she wanted Dada, and I wondered if it was because she hadn’t seen me with a bike. Last night when we went out, she smiled at me on my bike and pointed out everyone’s helmets.


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