Monthly Archives: July, 2015

Dents and dings

Ruby the car was hit about 2 weeks ago.

The good: no one was in the car, the damage was relatively minor, and the driver left a note with contact information, which means we can go through that driver’s insurance.

The bad: my car was hit (while parked in a parking area on the side of the road)!

I went in for the insurance repair estimate today. The estimate, the bulk of which involves replacing the rear door, is higher than the cost of one of these pretty babies, which I’ve been eying since I saw it in a magazine last week. With that bike and this trailer, it’s almost enough to want to give up the car completely. Except, behind the dings and dents, Ruby is in excellent shape. Born in 2002 (with an official 2003 car birthdate), she just hit 100,000 miles last month.

I think if Ruby were undrivable and it went through our insurance, we would probably see how long we could go without a replacement.

  • I walk (or bike slowly) to work.
  • R works from home 3 days a week again. He drives the other two days — his office is on a bus line (Only one bus line), but the schedule is not convenient and it doesn’t go that close to our house. My ideal would be for his office to be downtown!
  • M’s daycare is walkable, bikable, and busable with walking taking the longest amount of time.
  • We are close to both MetroLink lines.
  • We’re using the grocery store close to our house more and more and making it a goal to use Costco less and less (one, it’s farther away; two, we spend a lot there; three, does a family of 2.5 need that much at a time; and four, we don’t have room to store a lot of the bulk items, especially anything that needs to stay cold — we’ve developed a list of Costco Staples with the goal of going once a month).

I think the biggest issue is appointments. It’s difficult enough to find doctors but to then limit that to doctors who can be reached by train, bus, bike, or foot in a reasonable amount of time, that would be a hurdle. And I’m not confident enough as a bicyclist yet to ride many of the streets anyway. We try to stay close, but the routes don’t always line up. I occasionally do the car-share program through work, so even that is an option. Tempting, tempting, tempting.

(As an aside, WordPress spell-check doesn’t like drivable, bikable, or busable as words. It accepts walkable.