Monthly Archives: December, 2014

December 10, 2014

The “on your left” cyclist passed me this morning on the Greenway. She is the most courteous, rule-following bicyclist I have seen. She wears a helmet, she wears an orange vest, she probably has lights but I’ve only seen her in daylight, and she always says “On your left” as she passes even if I’m standing way to the right and no one else is around.

Her appearance this morning reminded me of a woman who used to bicycle in our neighborhood way back in the 1980s in Virginia. The “Hi” girl. I have no idea how old she was as I was just a child — she was maybe in her 20s, but possibly older. (Anyone related to me know?) The only people I saw on bikes were kids, but she used to ride regularly through the neighborhood and would say “Hi” every single time she passed us in our yard or on the street. Hi!

Shortly after the “On your left” cyclist, another bicyclist passed me, but he didn’t say anything. It made me appreciate the earlier notice even more.


December 4, 2014

I passed a driver’s license on the sidewalk outside the doors to the pizza restaurant/bar near our apartment on my walk to work this morning. I walked past it first before turning around and picking it up. I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to find the owner (It’s an out-of-state license), but I knew if I had the license, it would be safe.

I checked my university’s directory when I got to my desk but struck out. Then I googled the name and found a posted presentation for a class; I went to the directory for a different local university and found an email address. I’ve emailed the student and am waiting to hear back on the best way to reunite driver and license.