Monthly Archives: September, 2014

Biking progress

We still haven’t set up the bike trailer. We had grand plans for Sunday, but it ended up that R and I each took M for a walk separately (me while he studied and him while I slept). Thursday we did get her a bike helmet — obviously, a photo is needed. They were already at the shop when I got there and she was perfectly content wearing the helmet, but she apparently resisted at first. We decided against the pink one and got a red one, which also happened to be $10 less.

I walked her today to daycare– 25 minutes there, dropoff, then about 25 minutes to work. Yay exercise, boo long morning.


Biking to work and daycare

We’re borrowing a bike trailer, as of yesterday afternoon, to see how much we like using one before we buy one for ourselves. R and I have discussed getting one and have been checking out craigslist but never made it as far as contacting someone. It turns out a friend has one we can use for a bit, which is nice, considering neither of us have ever used one before. The idea is R can bike M to daycare in the morning, leave the trailer there (there are usually 2-3 ones at the bike rack during the day), bike home, and then work from home. Beyond that, we may bike to Forest Park on the weekends, or maybe even bike to the grocery store, which is less than 2 miles away. I still haven’t started biking to work again. It’s a short walk, but it’d be even shorter on wheels. This morning I was passed by about 4 cyclists. I was also passed by a student wearing a walking cast. I really need to up my game.

Yesterday afternoon, M rode in the trailer as a stroller and seemed to love it (and then fell asleep, so also a good sign). Today we’re going to try to go to the bike shop and get her a helmet. Conveniently, she has her 12-month-checkup today, so we’ll even know the exact size of her head.

A football story

One day last week, I took M to daycare in the stroller and then continued on to work. It was supposed to be another hot and humid day. I called R when M and I left (he had gone to work early) and said, “There’s a nice breeze out; it’s not bad at all.” By the time we got to daycare, there was less of a breeze. When I left daycare, I hoped I’d be able to ride a bus. I was waiting to cross the street at Delmar when a young woman approached talking on her phone. She looked undergraduate age and was petite.

I lost my wide receiver! She exclaimed on the phone. He was suspended for testing positive for drugs. He had fucking molly in his system! 

Ah, I thought, fantasy football. That had to be it. She also mentioned a press conference but I didn’t bother to look up who she was talking about. Who cares, really, but it was interesting to to see this young, petite woman yelling about football on the phone at 8 in the morning. Although, in my family, no one would find this unusual at all, as we grew up watching football. I’m the outlier who doesn’t pay any attention to it at any level anymore.

The girl kept walking, while I waited for the bus, which, when it arrived, was blissfully, blissfully cool.