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26 minutes

Door-to-door to get from the new place to other campus for a staff meeting. I walked through a neighborhood to get to the train, arrived at the station 2 minutes before the next train, and then rode one stop. It would have been even shorter, except I left from the wrong side and so had to cross the street and wait for oncoming traffic to pass, and then wait for the building door to be unlocked. So maybe 20 minutes?

Pretty station, with multi-colored corn cob lights. No one else was there. It was shortly past 8 in the morning.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam


Tuesday, August 12

I walked to work today, and, no, it didn’t take an hour! It took 20 minutes from the door to my desk. We moved! Again! Long, complicated story, but the end result is we’re closer to both of our jobs, closer to the daycare, and don’t have to deal with house maintenance as we are now renting.

Yesterday I walked M to daycare (1 mile), walked to work (1) mile, walked home for an errand (1 mile), and then walked home at the end of the day (1 mile). Walking for the win. There is a bus I can take if the weather is really bad, but I plan on finally getting rain boots and snow boots, plus a good rain jacket. I also have a bike that just needs a tune-up, and then I can cut the 20 minute commute to even less time.

Other benefits: Lots of restaurants in walking distance, which helps when you haven’t finished unpacking the kitchen yet; close enough that R and I can meet for lunch on the days he works from home; no yardwork; no homeowner’s insurance; and, so far, no neighbors playing dice across the street. We did have a loud, angry drunk man outside our window the other night, but what are you gonna do? The main downside, in my opinion, is the one small bathroom for 2 adults, 2 cats, and a baby. The baby only uses it for baths, for now. We’re considering litterbox-location alternatives.