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Monday, July 29, 2013

# 1 – Forsyth Station
Status: On time

I left work during the day to visit a chiropractor in Clayton to finally get help with my back pain. The ride there was uneventful. Three people got off when I boarded. No one else was on the bus, and no one got on during my ten-minute ride.

I had checked the times for the return route, and as a somewhat seasoned bus rider, I assumed I knew approximately where the return bus stop would be, so I did not ask the driver. As my mom would say, “When you assume, you make an Ass out of U and Me.” I crossed the street and started walking in the opposite direction. And walking. I never saw a bus stop. I passed a Metrolink station but decided that surely the bus stop was just ahead. Reader, I walked two miles from the chiropractor back to campus. When I finally GoogleMapped my options, it said I could catch the bus at Big Bend. Which is the west edge of campus. Which would be pointless. So I swung by the law school cafe, picked up lunch, and then walked on to my office. I know I had told the chiropractor that walking helped my back, but I had not planned on this. Fortunately, the weather was mild and I had good walking shoes on. And exercise is good- especially when you’re six months pregnant! 

When I got back to my desk, I looked up the bus route and a map to find those mysterious stops. It turns out that this particular bus goes in a loop, so I should have waited at the same stop where I got off. The bus would go in a big circle–it doesn’t go back the way it came. I really wish there were schedules posted at the stops–I’ve only seen schedules posted at the Loop stop where there multiple buses. This is not necessarily intuitive. 

However, now I know what to do the next time. Meanwhile, random sightings from yesterday:  


But they will surrender their copyeditors

I saw this one my walk to work at around Rosedale and Westminister. What?! It’s been there a couple weeks at least. It must be really taped on because it’s rained since I first saw it, and it’s in pretty good shape. But what prompted it? Also, it’s Their not They’re. Geez, boomers, get it right.





This was in the stall of the ladies room in the building where my appointment was. I would say the building was probably built sometime in the 1960s. So the question is — soap dish, ash tray, or other? My answer is B. 21st century possibility: cell phone holder!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

This morning I biked to work. Which presumably means I’ll bike home this afternoon. This is the first time since April, maybe early May, since I’ve used the bike for work, and I can’t think of too many times (if any) we’ve leisurely biked since that time either.

Today I feel like I should get bonus points for pulling out the bike and using it while 25 weeks pregnant. On the upright seat, I didn’t notice any difference in balance. My main concern was that the belly band for my pants wouldn’t hold. I finally found the bike route from the edge of campus to the library, which involves a hill, of course, but I was able to ride all the way up it without stopping to walk. It’s not a large hill, but it was steep enough for me this morning. I silently urged the baby-in-utero to pedal along with me while also channeling the one part of the Tour de France I saw on Saturday involving a much steeper and longer hill. Whatever gets you to the top.

It was really a perfect opportunity today: I planned ahead enough for the possibility that R. brought my bike up from the basement last night. And even though I woke up early, I was still ready too late to catch the bus, and I knew biking would be faster than walking, even including the hassle of getting the bike out the front door. In addition, it was a day that won’t be too hot (mid to high 80s, less humidity) and pretty much no chance of rain. And I have no meetings scheduled for today, so I can sit at my desk and not be too concerned about the bit of back sweat I feel through my shirt. Shh, don’t tell anyone. Overall, I feel pretty good.



The glass wall at the bus stop — is the company called Wall or is it a friendly warning?