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Post 200 / Hiatus

I moved to St. Louis from Louisville three weeks ago and have not ridden the bus since. Thus, this blog is on indefinite hiatus. I considered a variation with Today’s Commuting Story, but nothing interesting happens in the car except for people driving without headlights or cutting across four lanes of traffic to take an exit. There’s no personality on a driving commute.

I also asked R. if he wanted to take over since he is riding the bus regularly to work. He said he didn’t have any stories. And then told me about a man with a flashy cape and a cane. But he reads on the bus or talks on the phone and told me he might be the bus story.

My drive to my new job is about 10 miles, which is the farthest I have ever driven for work. I took the interstate the first two days and was dismayed by the random traffic jams, especially since I thought I was driving “against” traffic — heading west into the county instead of east towards the city. I found a new route, which is less stressful. I did investigate taking the bus to my new job — there is a bus stop right outside the building. However, the trip requires two buses and would take a minimum of 70 minutes. And that’s assuming everything runs on time. The bus stop outside my office runs north-south, but I need to go west first and the stop is not at a cross street. I checked a variety of departure/arrival times using Google Maps and did find one possibility that was still 2 buses but that was only 60 minutes. However, the last 20 minutes is a 1.2 mile walk from the bus stop to my office. Which would not be a lot of fun in January, February, June-August, or any day it’s raining. I also can’t remember if the street even has sidewalks the entire time. Then the ride home would take 80-90 minutes.

I liked using public transportation. It took me longer, but I saved on gas and mileage, and when the weather was nice, I could choose to walk part or all of the way, or I could bike. But I have a car, and now I’m using it pretty much every day. It’s worth it to me to drive and only travel around 20 miles.

I leave (for now?) with a final image, this of the ad at the bus stop outside my office.

Yucko’s — who knew there was a market for poop scooping?