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Friday, October 5, 2012

I walked to work this morning for a number of reasons. I was ready by 6:30, for one thing, and it’s the annual St. James Art Fair so my bus route is on a detour, but I also wanted to see what 4th Street looked like this morning.

I’m not a fan of the art fair — it’s crowded, it disrupts residents (and anyone trying to get anywhere just north or south of Old Louisville, like, say, downtown or the university), and it’s very highly priced, some might say overpriced.

Last year I walked home on the day they were setting up, so it must have been Wednesday or Thursday. This morning a lot of food vendors were parked along 4th Street and the booths were out, but vendors were still setting up their art and other wares. I considered riding my bike; I think 3rd Street would have been fine this morning, but my route home goes around the park, and I wasn’t sure how crowded and hectic it might be. I am not a fan of the unknown, especially when I’m on a bicycle.

The # 4 bus detours between Oak Street and Hill Street and travels 1st Street (southbound) and 2nd Street (northbound) during that stretch instead. I’m not sure why it can’t go south on 3rd Street. There was a notice on the website, but the signs at the stops aren’t very obvious. They’re small, and at the shelters, they’re hanging on the shelters behind the benches but not by the schedules. And at Oak Street, I didn’t see any indication where the detoured stop at 4th and Oak would be.

Unofficial notice at 4th & Hill northbound

Official TARC notice at 4th & Ormsby southbound

I anticipate a crowded bus this afternoon — last year or the previous year, there were people who had parked downtown and taken the shuttle, which may or may not have been just the regular TARC bus. And I’m sure as soon as the bus turns off of 4th Street, some passengers will freak out.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

# 4 – Downtown/Medical Center (4:16)

It was the 4:16 driver, a personable woman with cropped hair dyed blonde. The bus was even pretty on time. As an older woman with greying hair got off the bus at Broadway, she told the driver goodbye. Baby, you have a blessed day, the driver replied.

Monday, October 1, 2012

# 4 – Downtown/Medical Center

I thought I was catching the 3:26 but arrived in time for the 3:16. This was a long ride to 3rd & Market and then a walk to Floyd & Main. In the pouring, pouring rain.

Considering the weather, the bus was pretty on schedule. A young woman boarded on campus, and as the bus passed Muhammad Ali, she asked the security guard sitting in front of me which street we were at. The windows were so fogged she couldn’t read/see anything outside. She got off at Jefferson, I believe. Even with the umbrella, I got soaked from the knees down. And I was on the way to the dentist, so it was a bad afternoon all around. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

# 4- Downtown/Medical Center

This is less about the bus and more about the grocery store. I got off at Kentucky Street and walked to the Sad Kroger at 2nd Street to pick up a few items. While I was grabbing milk, I heard a man tell another man, I’ll buy you $14 in groceries for $7. As I was walking away, the man then approached me. Ma’am. I’ll buy you $14 in groceries for $7, he said while holding an electronic card in his hand. I said No and walked away. And then spent the rest of the time in the store and the walk home and additional time thinking about him and his offer. I called my husband: You’re more wordly about this sort of thing than I. Was he offering to buy me groceries with “food stamps?” The electronic card had stars and stripes on it, but so did my former Pentagon Federal Credit Union bank card. Why would someone do that? I learned that it was illegal, which I figured, that a 2-to-1 rate could be considered low, and that he probably wanted cash to get something not allowed on the card. Which could be cigarettes and alcohol or even regular household items that weren’t food and not covered. I didn’t see myself aligning with the random guy in the grocery store, but I wondered how long it took for him to find a taker.