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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

# 4 – Industrial Center (6:59)
Status: 2 minutes early

I was up and out the door early today. At the bus stop a young woman was holding a wad of paper towels to the side of her face and talking to a young man with long sideburns. They spent the entire time waiting for the bus and the entire bus ride talking about bad teeth, dental procedures, pain, and pain relievers.

Her: I’ve never had pain like this. I almost passed out at work.

Him: I bet. It’s the fuckin’ worst. 

Her: I’m ready to have them all taken out. Him: Get dentures or something. Her: Yeah.

Him: My family has bad teeth. My dad has only 14 or 15 of his real teeth left. His dad was like that and his dad, too. We have a genetic predisposition. We have weak teeth. They’re predispositioned that way…My teeth aren’t that bad. They’re yellow because I use tobacco. I have 4 fillings and I had my wisdom teeth taken out. That wasn’t bad.

This led to a conversation on drugs. Him: Don’t take oxycontin. Morphine and heroin don’t fuck people up the way that does.

Her: That’s what happened to me yesterday. And I don’t have a lot of fat to absorb it. It went straight to my stomach. I felt sick, I turned yellow. I almost passed out.

Him: Get liquid hydrocodone. My friend had a bottle of that….Great for hangovers.

Her: I took 800 mg of Advil but that didn’t do anything….They gave me penicillin, but I don’t know what the fuck for.

Him: So if there’s an infection. You think it hurts now? It’ll fuckin’ kill if it gets infected with that root and nerve exposed. The Advil is more an anti-inflammatory if it’s swollen but it won’t help with pain. Ask for hydrocodone. None of that oxycontin shit.

Her: I’ve been dealing with this for 6 months but it really only started hurting in the last week.

Him: When it starts hurting, you know you need to see someone fast.

They both got off at my stop but went separate ways. Her: I ain’t been sleeping much lately. Him: I bet. Take care of yourself, man.


Monday, August 20, 2012

# 4 – Southland Park (7:39)
Status: 2 minutes late

This worked out perfectly for me as I’m still figuring out the timing of the new bus schedule. I thought I’d be a few minutes early for the 7:49, but I got to the infamous northwest corner of 4th & Broadway at 7:39 exactly. I had a red light and could see the bus just turning onto Broadway from 6th. Eeee!  It stopped at 5th. Traffic was clear heading west but there was no way I could cross all 8 lanes of Broadway safely. Still, I started to wander out into the street as the walk sign counted down. The bus stopped at the light; I crossed safely. Success.

The bus had a few more people than usual. I’m not sure if it’s because school and classes are starting so some schedules are different or if it’s just because of the new bus schedule. A woman who boarded at Hill from another bus used to always get on a later one.

At Kentucky, I saw a man on the street to the left retching into a sewer grate next to a church. Fortunately, I did not actually see anything exiting his body, but the motion/movement was pretty unmistakable.

Friday, August 17, 2012

# 4 – Southland Park (7:39 am)
Status: On time

This was my first bus ride this week and the first since the schedule change. It turns out that the times for the #4 have changed. I had downloaded the new schedule but hadn’t looked at it yet (which reminds me that I should check out the afternoon times). So I thought I was arriving too late for the 7:31 and a little early for the 7:43. Instead, I got to the stop at about 7:37, which was just enough time to check the schedule, check my phone, and see the bus arriving. 7:39 is a perfect time for me — thanks, TARC. The ride was quiet and a little stuffy. No windows were open and the AC didn’t seem to be going. It wasn’t that hot but still just a little humid.

TARC has a booth at the Kentucky State Fair which starts this week. Check out these cute little buses. I think they’re cardboard, but they should still provide some fun.

And you can ride the bus to the fair!

New buses and new schedules

TARC is getting new buses!

With a $4 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration, TARC will replace a dozen old buses that have traveled more than 500,000 miles with new clean-diesel buses that are less expensive to maintain and better for the environment.

TARC already has 27 new buses on order as a result of previous federal grants.  

The latest grant for 12 new buses means TARC will replace a total of 39 old buses – nearly 20 percent of the fleet – with new, more environmentally-friendly buses in the next two years. New buses, which take a year to receive after ordering, will begin arriving in April.

And, new schedules went into effect on Sunday. More information is available here. Some routes, mainly express ones, have been eliminated. I never like to see a route go because I feel like it will take a lot for it to be re-added.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I’m in the process of moving and was gone for a long weekend to help R. get settled temporarily and to find long-term housing for when I join him. His first day was Monday, and I took him to work. He’s able to get a free transit pass from his office in exchange for not signing up for a parking pass. Since we only have one car and I have it and he wasn’t planning on driving anyway, that was a deal he was willing to make. We figured out a couple bus options depending on timing, weather, etc. One route stops right outside his building–it can’t get much better than that. Tuesday he biked to work and biked back to his new temporary home.

This morning I returned to work and decided to bike it. R. made it to his office in the same amount of time it takes me even though his route is 6 miles instead of 2. It might help that he has a road bike and more biking experience, but I’m taking up the challenge. It was also only about 67 degrees this morning with no chance of rain.

Friday, August 10, 2012

# 4 – Southbound (7:55 am)
Status: 3 minutes early

R. was standing at a red light the northwest corner of 4th and Broadway with me when I saw the bus approaching. Eee! I cried. The bus stopped at 5th Street, and then the light changed, so I had enough time to cross the street and meet it at the 4th Street stop. Then we idled for a few minutes. We waited again at Oak Street since hardly anyone had gotten on or off on the route. The driver turned on the air, which helped make the bus less muggy. He stopped again at 4th & Cardinal, so I went ahead and got off instead of waiting the half block for Brandeis.