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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

# 4 – Downtown/Medical Center
Status: 4 minutes late

The rain had stopped, but it was chilly. I was crossing 2nd or 3rd Street when I saw a bus pull away from the stop. My phone said it was 4:24. I wasn’t sure if the bus was 2 minutes early (and not waiting) or 11 minutes late. I decided I’d wait at the stop for 5 minutes after the scheduled arrival time and then start walking if a bus wasn’t in sight. With one minute to go, the bus arrived.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

# 4 – Southland Park
Status: 1 minute late

It was cold and raining in the morning, but since I had my good umbrella, I stood next to the covered benches. I had just seen the bus approaching from 5th Street when a woman came out from under the cover and said, The bus should be here soon, shouldn’t it? I told her I could see it coming. She had a winter coat on but the hood was down. She carried a large faded book and a broom with a wooden handle and the straw bristles.

That’s a nice umbrella you got there, she said. I said thank you.  

I can’t hold one of them since I broke my elbow. I murmured in sympathy.

Then she said something about not walking again and falling off a bike and not doing something else. She was walking, so I’m not sure if she was the one she was talking about or not. Then she told me to have a nice day, and I said to do the same.

Everyone boarded the bus, including the broom woman, who got on last. As the bus pulled away from the stop, she said Beautiful day we’re having and laughed.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

# 4 – Southland Park
Status: On time?

Two female college students boarded around Breckinridge. A sampling of their conversation:
Girl 1: We’re taking it slow…We went out again last night.

Girl 2: I really like him, and he likes me, but he has this crazy girlfriend…
Girl 1: If he has any friends, tell them to call me.

Girl 1: I work with that boy in the red backpack (crossing the street). He’s a lifeguard.
Girl 2: He can save my life any day.
Girl 1: Look at the guy next to him! He’s wearing shorts and flip-flops when it’s freaking 35 degrees outside.
Girl 2: You should see how we dress in Minnesota.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

# 4 – Downtown/Medical Center
Status: 10 minutes late

I reached the stop at 4:32; the bus was supposed to arrive at 4:30. Around 4:47, I started walking. I made it to the next stop and the bus arrived at 4:49. I considered waiting for the next bus (the on time one?), but the bus in front of you is better than the bus you don’t see.

It was a game of musical chairs. There was a woman with a non-folded grocery cart blocking a seat. A man boarded with two sleeping bags and a bag tied to a smaller cart. A couple families with small children. The woman who runs the cafe in the library. At 4th & Oak, traffic was backed up going east. I wondered if the cars would be out of the intersection when our light turned green. They were, barely, but then a blue pick-up truck with a refrigerator and something else in the bed turned right (right into the intersection) from the left lane, blocking the bus and everyone else trying to go north. You did not just do that, the driver said. Traffic cleared quickly, but I really wanted her to honk the horn.

First day back on the bus this week after two days of biking to work. I had an appointment in the morning and it was raining. By afternoon, I really wished I had my bike, even though it was cold and windy.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Today’s bus story is I rode my bicycle to work. The benefit of setting the clocks back is there’s a little more light when I leave. I won’t be doing this every day, but it’s nice to have options.